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ZAR 47

Half way between small and medium ribs, The 47 can easily be classed as a medium rib because of its internal dimensions, which give it enourmous livability, comfort and great sailing qualities.
Four spacious front running seats are available.
Like all the other ZARs it has two separate sun bathing beds of amazing dimensions, 4.86 meters long and 2.32 wide. The loading capacity is stunning: 6 enormous storage areas including one for mooring equipment, oars, mooring lines etc. and they are all easy to access.
It is streamlined and slender and every detail has been built with special care. The balance between elegance and practicality, space and solidness are unique.
Perfect balance even for its sailing performance: very supple and easy to manoeuvre, it assures soft impact with the waves even on high speed. “Slim” like all the ZAR models, the 47 is ideal for those who require good performance, space, comfort and construction quality, but also want a boat that has moderate dimensions and therefore easy to move about.


Homologation:“CE cat. “C”
Length:m 4.86
Width:m 2.32
Internal walking length:m 4.80
Internal walking width:m 1.80
Intertubular width:m 1.28
Tubular diameter:cm 52
N. tubular compartments:n. 6
Seating capacity:n. 8
Net dinghy weight (with standard equipment, without liquids and motor):10% variable datum kg 380
Maximum power applicable:kW 86/HP 115
Power recommended:kW 30/67
Engine shaft lenght:lenght L
Max. weight nstallable motors:kg 220
CE certification:with “C” design category and CE type testing. (A+a form).

Optional equipment:

• stainless steel fuel tank or reticular polypropylene (about 100 litres) installed according to standards located under the console;
• autoclave shower system with a water tank of about 60 l under the walk fl oor;
• stainless steel tilting roll bar with go ahead lights, anchorage lights, horn;
• beacon:
• auxiliary motor support;
• bilge pump;
• electric panel

Features ZAR 43:

(the characteristics that are the same for all the models are described in the “ZAR secrets” pages)
• 2 rows that can seat 4 persons forward running;
• front peak for the anchor with the side opening door;
• anchor forepeak;
• front sun bathing bed convertible into a double bed (cm 130 x 190) with extensions as an optional that includes dunnages and pillows, the middle dunnage with a stainless steel leg can be used as a table;
• 130 x 130 back sunbathing bed (with back rest in the horizontal position);
• wide back peak;
• wide front peak;
• one-seater console with mechanical wheelhouse, stainless steel rudder, 1 internal compartment with door, 1 peak under the front seat;
• foldaway stainless steel ascent ramp and VTR bridge;
• 5 stainless steel handles for passengers safety
• 4 handling handles;
• 4 stainless steel bollards; • perimetric double millpond;
• anchor-winch nose;
• 5 stainless steel (4 eyebolts for hangers);
• repairs kit;
• infl ating device;
• a pair of paddles.

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