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2006 SeaDoo GTI 4-TEC SE

Make the neighbors think you skipped town. When your only family obligations are a good time, the redesigned GTI 4-TEC SE calls you to the water. Nicely equipped with power, performance, and ergonomic features you'd expect on a boat twice the price. Take it for a cruise. Take it camping. Before you know it, spending time on land will be your second option. If you've ever considered a watercraft, the GTI 4-TEC SE is the place to start. Who knows where you'll end up?


Length:127 in 322.5 cm
Width:49 in 124.5 cm
Height:44.4 in 113 cm
Weight (dry):747 lbs 338.8 kg
Rider Capacity:1,2 or 3
Fuel Capacity (incl. reserve):16 US gallons (60 L)
Storage Capacity:13.2 Gals 50 L
Engine:Type: Rotax� 4-TEC � SOHC, four valves per cylinder with multi-port fuel injection
Bore mm:100
Stoke mm:63.4
Displacement / hp:130
Displacement / cc:1494
Compression ratio:10.6:1
Intake System:Naturally aspirated with 52mm throttle body
Cooling:Closed-loop system
Fuel Type:Regular unleaded
Propulsion System:Bombardier Formulawater jet pump
Jet Pump:Composite/aluminum, axial flow, single stage, large hub
Transmission:Direct drive, forward/ neutral /reverse
Impeller:Stainless steel
Ignition:Digital inductive
Battery:12 volt
Hull:Modified V, composite
Color:Atlantic Blue or Bright Yellow
D.E.S.S. tm:STD
Speedometer:STD (Information Center)
Reboarding Step:STD
O.P.A.S. TM System :STD
Sea-Doo� Learning Key TM :STD
Mirrors :STD
Removable Front Storage Tray:STD
Information Center :STD (16 functions)
ID: 77

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