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MOTÄ°F Yachting, provides high standard services based in the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey to both charterers and yacht owners.

Our professional services are yacht-gulet charters, brokerage, yacht management, yacht refit services and survey services.
Motif provides comprehensive support and guidance on all aspects of yachting with the highest standards.


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87mt DOUBLE ENDED ROPAX FERRY 1989 87.1m Turkey
16mt FAMILY SIZE TRAWLER 2011 16.3m Turkey
2 x PASSENGER BOAT 24mt blt2022 2022 24m Turkey
JEANNEAU SUN ODYSSEY 54 DS blt 2008 2008 16.74m Turkey
42mt 2019 PASSENGER VESSEL with RINA CLASS 2019 42m Turkey
78mt DWT1498 blt 1984 GENERAL CARGO 1984 78.92m Turkey
86mt DWT3440 blt1995 General Cargo 2 X 5T CRANES 1995 86m Turkey
96mt DWT5168 ICE:1B GENERAL CARGO 2005 96.9m Turkey
42mt blt2015 PASSENGER VESSEL FOR SALE 2015 42m Turkey
47mt 2021blt PASSENGER VESSEL (Turkish loyd) 2021 47m Turkey
49mt blt 2014 PASSENGER SHIP FOR SALE 2014 49m Turkey
225mt DWT75000 blt 2006 BULK CARRIER 2006 225m Turkey
79mt DWT2860 blt2003 GENERAL CARGO SHIP 2003 79.99m Turkey
83mt DWT3400 blt 1984 GENERAL CARGO 1984 83.1m Turkey
77mt DWT2225 on 4,02m blt1991 general cargo 1991 77.8m Turkey
134mt DWT10353 blt2006 BULK CARRIER 2006 134m Turkey
67mt DWT2684 blt96 PRODUCT OIL TANKER 1996 67.99m Turkey
79mt DWT2309 blt2001japan ASPHALT / BITUMENT TANKER 2001 79.89m Turkey
180mt DWT23645 blt2008 TEU520 MPP/BULK CARRIER IN MED. 2008 180m Turkey
50mt ROPAX FERRY blt 2005 for sale 2005 49.9m Turkey
68mt blt1988 CAR PASSENGER FERRY 1988 68.93m Turkey
86mt dwt3300 iceclass MPP Tweendecker 2006 86.53m Turkey
50mt blt1982 RORO/PASSENGER FERRY 1982 50m Turkey
99mt DWT5069 ON 5.65M BLT2006 shallow draft general cargo 2006 99.80m Turkey
110mt DWT7608 blt2010 MPP/GENERAL CARGO CR2 X 45t 2010 110.8m Turkey
120mt DWT6700 TEU401 CONTAINER/MPP 2009 120.99m Turkey
49mt blt2012 Turkish Loyd class PASSENGER VESSEL 2012 49m Turkey
30mt blt 1999 STEEL MOTORYACHT 1999 30m Turkey
81mt DWT3417 blt2004 GENERAL CARGO 2004 81m Turkey
115mt DWT7057 blt2006 GENERAL CARGO 2006 115m Turkey
91mt DWT 4336 blt 1991 TEU256 CRANE 2x50 GC/MPP/SID/ TWEEN 1991 91m Turkey
87mt Double ended Ferry (closed type ) car passenger 1990 87m Turkey
83mt DWT3428 blt 1984 geared General Cargo 1984 83m Turkey
61mt COASTAL ROPAX FOR SALE 1980 61.80m Turkey
105mt DWT6097 Japan built GENERAL CARGO 1990 105m Turkey
89mt DWT4200 blt1993 GENERAL CARGO 1993 89.56m Turkey
100mt DWT 5100 BOXED GENERAL CARGO 1998 100.53m Turkey
89mt DWT4618 blt1998 ice class CARGO/CONTAINER SHIP 1998 89.78m Turkey
88mt DWT5000 MPP/ DRY CARGO SHIP 1984 88' 6" Turkey
154mt TEU1078 GEARED CONTAINER VESSEL 2002 154m Turkey
78mt DWT2225 blt 1992 General Cargo, Sea River, SID 1992 78m Turkey
89mt blt 1993 dwt2820 General Cargo Sea River, SID 1993 89.99m Turkey
74mt DWT2377 Excavator fitted , box/double skin general cargo 1992 74.94m Turkey
82mt DWT2580 GENERAL CARGO 1984 82.45m Turkey
82mt DWT2800 blt93Germany Ice class 1B 1993 82.38m Turkey
33mt MOTORYACHT (Rina Class) 2009 33.4m Turkey
40mt blt 2010 PASSENGER SHIP FOR SALE 2010 40m Turkey
15mt STEEL TRAWLER FOR SALE 2011 15.12m Turkey
26mt 2010blt GRP MOTORYACHT( RINA CLASS ) 2009 26m Turkey
96mt DWT6174 blt98Japan TWEENDECKER 1998 96.7m Turkey
100mt DWT7731 blt1995 TWEENDECKER 1995 100.48m Turkey
BULK CARRIER VESSELS 15/30k dwt 1995/2000blt 1995 168m Turkey
86mt DWT5000 blt91 GENERAL CARGO 1991 86m Turkey
121mt DWT7300 blt2006 MPP CARGO SHIP 2006 121.73m Turkey
115mt DWT12526 blt2007japan CR 3X40T BULK CARRIER 2007 115.3m Turkey
158mt DWT24800 blt2007Japan CR 4X30 RINA CLASS BULK CARRIER 2007 158m Turkey
116mt DWT 9350 MPP/CONT/GC(Box Open Hatch Tween/Cont) Rina class ice 1 2010 116.2m Turkey
45mt DAY CRUISE SHIP FOR SALE( convertable M/Y ) 2010 45m Turkey
92mt 3,604 DWT ON 5.51 MTS blt1984 Sietas-Germany 1984 92m Turkey
142mt DWT13898 BLT1997 SMALL HANDY BC 1997 142.14m Turkey
MPP/CONTAINER VESSELS GEARED DWT12900 blt 2010 2010 138.6m Turkey
134mt DWT14000 blt99 CR 3X25T BULK CARRIER 1999 134m Turkey
3 X MINIBULKER / MPP UNITS GEARED blt2009/2012 DWT 6400/6600 2012 104m Turkey
100mt DWT4662 CR2X25t TEU191 MPP VESSEL 1986 100.62m Turkey
28 MT 2013blt STEEL GULET 2013 28m Turkey
100mt DWT5200 BLT1998 TEU400 GENERAL CARGO 1998 100m Turkey
117mt DWT7000 BLT1996 601 TEU CONTAINER SHIP 1996 117.91m Turkey
28mt STEEL GULET 2013 28m Turkey
140mt DWT12800 CR2X20t blt 2008 BULK CARRIER 2008 140.55m Turkey
40mt DAY PAX FERRY - IACS - CAT B - SS/DD JUST PASSED 1994 40.65m Turkey
74mt blt2002 DWT2700 GENERAL CARGO 2002 74.92m Turkey
81mt DWT3300 blt 2007 GENERAL CARGO ( SIGLE DECKER ) 2007 81m Turkey
100mt DWT8573 BLT1999 CARGO SHIP (TWEENDECKER) 1999 100.48m Turkey
143mt DWT16857 BLT1997 CR 2X25t BULK CARRIER 1997 143.45m Turkey
100mt DWT6374 blt1998 CR 2X25t CARGO SHIP ( box sid) 1998 100.79m Turkey
96mt DWT5269 blt2008 general cargo ( bulker type ) 2008 96.90m Turkey
92mt 4,644 DWAT blt86 Germany 1986 92.42m Turkey
116mt DWT 6,600MT MPP GENERAL CARGO 1994 116.96m Turkey
92mt dwat 4200 Sietas built coaster 1986 92.44m Turkey
129mt GEARED MPP blt2000 2000 129m Turkey
45mt blt.2009 PASSENGER VESSEL FOR SALE 2009 45m Turkey
100mt DWT 9575 blt1995 CARGO SHIP (TWEEN DECKER ) 1995 100.48m Turkey
76mt DWT 2488 blt1996 GENERAL CARGO 1996 76m Turkey
81mt DWT3106 Excavator fitted General Cargo 1992 81.2m Estonia
101mt DWT 5417 blt 2008 tween decker General Cargo 2008 101.8m Turkey
130mt DWT 9169 MTS ON 8,1M GENERAL CARGO 1989 130.81m Turkey
114mt DWT6050 blt2010 Ice class 1A GENERAL CARGO 2010 114.4m Turkey
99mt DWT5900 TEU440 GENERAL CARGO/CONTAINER 1996 99.4m Turkey
87mt DWT3432 MPP/DRY-CARGO/BOX SHAPED 1989 87m Turkey
99mt RORO CARGO FOR CHARTER 1979 99.52m Turkey
129mt DWT8145 TEU698 BLT2007 CONTAINER SHIP 2007 129.2m Turkey
145mt DWT 10,585 TEU665 CR2X80T ICE CLASS MPP TWEENDECKER 2005 145.63m Turkey
107mt DWT5800 General Cargo / Pallet carrier / Triple decker 1989 107.65m 
101mt DWT4570 blt1991 GEARED CR2X20T GC BOX TWEENDECKER 1991 101.29m Turkey
103mt DWT2755 blt2008 RORO CARGO / PASSENGER SHIP 2008 103.4m Turkey
107mt DWT9020 ICE CLASSED MPP/singledecker fully box 2000 107.75m Turkey
38mt 2010 blt MOTORYACHT 2010 37.60m Turkey
81mt DWT3752 bwts fitted gearless jpn blt General Cargo 1996 81.5m Turkey
40mt STEEL CLASSSIC SCHOONER (RINA ) 2020 40m Turkey
89mt DWT4150 blt1998 ICE 1A DUTCH BUILT COASTER 1998 89.72m Turkey
47mt LUXURY STEEL MOTORYACHT 2015 47m Turkey
2012 Launched Motoryacht For Sale 2012 41m Turkey
179mt blt1991 RORO PASSENGER SHIP 1991 179.7m Turkey
77mt dwt1700 blt91 SINGLE DECKER 1991 77.15m Turkey
76mt DWT3700 blt2008 GENERAL CARGO 2008 76.21m Turkey
90mt DWT4890 BLT2005 SID,BOX GENERAL CARGO FOR SALE 2005 90.6m Turkey
36mt 5 CABINS PASSENGER BOAT 2012 36m Turkey
28mt STEEL GULET FOR SALE 2013 28m Turkey
42mt 2017 PASSENGER VESSEL FOR SALE 2017 41.95m Turkey
100mt DWT5129 blt1996 TEU369 GEARED CARGO/CONTAINER VESSEL 1996 100.62m Turkey

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