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Uniesse - 70 Sport

A wave of perfection

Created by talented designers, craftsmen and builders, the Uniesse Marine yachts are built to satisfy even the most difficult and sophisticated requests of the men who go to sea. There is a wide range of yachts to choose from with differing external lines, styles and dimensions, Motor Yacht, Open, Fly and Sport models. Each individual yacht by Uniesse Marine is an expression of the pleasure of going to sea.


Overall Length:72' 8'' ft
Maximum Beam:17' 7'' ft
Full load displacement:84,000 lb
Standard engines:MAN 2x1550 hp
Depth under propellers:5' 1'' ft
Fuel tank capacity:1,110 US gals
Fresh water tank capacity:322 US gals
Maximum speed (mot. standard):34 knots
CE homologation:Category A 16 persons

Exterior design:

Designed by the wind.
This is an aerodynamic hard top for those who, quite simply, want nothing but the best. With its sporty, slender shape - which makes it look like it’s crouching on the sea, ready to pounce across the waves - the 70SPORT is a superior marriage of performance and style. The fact that emotions are there to be shared is one recognised by this incredibly liveable yacht, which features a clear division between its living space and sleeping quarters, so that you can immerse yourself in a sailing experience that lasts all day and long into the night.

Interior Design:

Designed without compromise - visibly so.
There are things that cannot be described, only lived: the sensation of space and freedom; the sort of luxury that - while not flaunted - is clear in every detail; the comfort of finding everything you had in your imagination and more besides. Just step on board the 70SPORT and you will immediately realise that reality can be better than fantasy.

Five-star sailing.
There are certain surroundings where the available space goes so far as to exceed the requirements of the occupiers, where the choice of materials and decor fuses aesthetics and functionality in a refined synthesis that exalts the pure pleasure of living. On land, these surroundings are called suites, whereas at sea they have but one name: Uniesse 70SPORT.

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