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2013 Tigé Z1

The Tigé Z1, with its aggressive performance and expansive space, delivers fresh design to a traditional boat.

Well versed in versatility, the all-new Z1 is a more compact version of the formidable Z3. No matter what sport or activity you throw at it, the Z1 delivers on its reputation. Dial in an invisible slalom wake, a huge wakeboarding wake or a epic surf wave sweet enough to fuel your endless summer.


Length:21.5 ft
Beam:102 in
Weight:4285 lb
Fuel:48 gal

The industry’s first touch screen control system, TigéTouch is where driver and machine become one.

Nestled into a low-profile dash that’s reminiscent of a high-performance sports car, all primary controls are now easily and safely within reach, just to the right of your wheel. TigéTouch lets you control your entire onboard experience through a single interface. Save up to 20 custom rider profiles quickly and easily with TigéYou. A quick touch calls up your personal surf wave; another touch and your perfect wakeboard set awaits. We’ve set the bar higher with Tigé SpeedSet, the industry’s most advanced and user-friendly precision digital speed control.

If a laid back cruise is more your style, turn on the tower lights, select your playlist and throttle down to a slower saved speed with a single touch. Chart your day's course using our plotting feature. Access all engine monitoring and audio functions through a 6.5" anti-glare color display. Or use raised control buttons for a more tactile driving experience. We’ve made frequently used functions like audio, depth and SpeedSet controls accessible from almost any screen.

TigéTouch is ergonomically positioned exactly where you would expect it to be — just to the right of your steering wheel, next to the throttle. This results in an ultra-low profile dash design for maximum visibility and safety and helps keep your eyes, hands and attention where they belong.

The engine is the heart of the boat -

That’s why we have partnered with the most reliable, award-winning, inboard engine manufacturer, Pleasurecraft Marine Engines (PCM).

Like Tigé, PCM approaches design and engineering differently than anyone else. When it comes to performance, durability and customer satisfaction, it’s ADVANTAGE PCM.

You can count on your Tigé to start the first time, every time, thanks to PCM’s patented Fuel Control Cell providing constant fuel flow to the engine. PCM utilizes two fuel pumps where others have only one, and has a fuel reservoir where others have none. That translates into instant starts, no vapor lock and constant fuel flow in all conditions, including choppy waters and tight turns.

PCM’s exclusive emission system has been designed with a stainless steel catalyst and is built to withstand the most extreme water conditions. The competitor’s less durable ceramic core is fragile by comparison. With this advanced catalyst technology, PCM is leading the industry with years of endurance testing on PCM’s exclusive CATANIUM™ Clean Emission System.

Feel the vibration-free, quiet performance allowed only by PCM’s precise engine mounting system. PCM uses 6-point motor mounts constructed with rubber-mounted isolators to provide the engine with a strong, stable foundation. PCM’s transmission adds to the stability — it’s built to aircraft standards exclusively for PCM and is the industry’s most advanced transmission designed specifically for watersports.

PCM’s modular raw water pump is engineered for water sports applications. Machined from 316 stainless steel and driven by an auto-tensioning serpentine belt, the pump provides ultimate cooling power and durability.

PCM’s reliability rating — based on customer satisfaction — has fewer reported issues than any of its competitors. Partnering the highest quality engine with the highest quality boat will provide many years of worry-free memories on the lake with your family and friends.

Make yourself comfortable:

Functional Design

Whether you’re just lounging enjoying the sun or getting ready for your session, the Tige Transom Activity Center has room for it all. Loaded with cutting edge style and quality craftsmanship, a Tige interior was designed for versatility.
image description

Luxury meets practicality:

With expansive layouts, Tige’s storage areas were precisely designed to be cavernous and convenient. The Tige engineering team thinks outside of the box by creating practical features such as the surf bimini, coolers, trash cans, and wet/dry storage lockers. Tige delivers full size storage accommodations along with the luxury Tige is known for.

The more the merrier:

We believe nothing can bring people together like a day on the water. With a luxurious cockpit, expansive bow seating, and the Transom Activity Center, there is plenty of room to invite the whole gang for a roomy, comfortable ride.

Start off right:

A Tige swim platform is the perfect area for relaxing or getting ready for your next ride. Made of a custom-designed, non-skid material, Tige swim platforms are soft, safe, and comfortable.

Built tough:

Your Tige is built to perform. Tige interiors are hand upholstered in house using a four-way stretch vinyl. The vinyl is backed with Reemay® for a superior fit and quicker rebound, and stitched with GORE™ TENERA® thread for durability. GORE™ TENERA® thread is stain, UV, and mildew resistant resulting in a gorgeous boat for many years to come.

The Alpha Z Tower’s flowing design makes a Tigé instantly recognizable on the water.

Where others bolt on parts, we integrate.

The first thing you’ll notice is how the tower is completely fused to the hull, seamlessly merging the exterior and interior into a single distinct form. The unique, fully collapsible cast aluminum structure is the most solid, rattle-free tower available. Sculpted and engineered for maximum strength and versatility, the Alpha Z sets a new standard in tower design and functionality.

Our spring-assisted, éZ-Down engineering makes the Alpha Z easy for one person to collapse right on the lake, with absolutely no intrusion to the driver area. It’s as easy as pulling two pins and lowering the tower to windshield height.

Sturdy wakeboard/surfboard racks integrate seamlessly with the Alpha Z and are engineered with a smooth swivel mechanism for easy accessibility. Swivel racks and speaker mounts are available in accent colors to coordinate with your Tigé gel coat selections.

The stylish Alpha Z bimini is also available in coordinating colors. Tigé’s bimini is the first engineered for storing surfboards, which keeps them out of the way yet still easily accessible. Simple to install and to take down, the bimini provides up to 8 feet of coverage.

Going for a night ride? Integrated halogen docking lights illuminate your approach for docking or trailering. The unique anchor light/pylon rotates easily into position for nights on the lake or functions as a dome light to illuminate the entire cockpit.

The Alpha Z is the only tower with specific surf tow points on both sides of the tower designed to keep riders in the sweet spot. To avoid the ordinary after-market, bolted-on look we make sure that styling integration extends to all tower components, including Wet Sounds™ speakers, tower lights, form-fitted bimini tops and swivel board racks.

Soak it up:

Tige wants to make your time on the water as comfortable as possible. Under your feet, Tige offers a logo embroidered snap-out carpet backed with mildew-resistant rubber and finished seams for a perfect fit throughout the floor of the boat. The sponge-like, water-absorbing Poseidon mat is the available upgrade in all RZ and Z series boats.

Precision Speedset Operation and True Throttle By Wire:

PCM engineers its engines to fully integrate with Tigé SpeedSet and our advanced TEC system, delivering the most precise speed control and computerized engine management system in the industry. The/PCM system also delivers true throttle–by–wire operation for precision power control and smooth throttle operation.

Green Technology That Works:

PCM is ahead of the green curve when it comes to catalyst clean emissions technology. PCM’s industry-leading Catanium CES technology effectively reduces emissions while enhancing PCM performance and reliability. The result is a healthier environment, effective, worry–free operation and no compromise in performance.

Engine Options:

PCM - The proven leader
For more than 35 years, PCM has established a long record of superior quality, innovation and outstanding customer satisfaction. Like Tigé, PCM’s commitment to quality and the customer extends beyond the manufacturing facility. Every PCM engine is backed by a solid three–year transferable warranty that, combined with the Tigé LifePlus Lifetime Replacement Warranty, provides customer assurance unmatched by any other inboard or stern drive today. While PCM engines have the industry’s highest reliability rating, if you ever have parts and service needs, PCM’s Club Concierge is just a toll-free call away and Tigé/PCM Premier Dealers are located throughout the world.

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