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2011 Numarine - 78' HT

The arrival of the 78' HT marks a revolutionary change in the yachting world, shifting the prevailing trend in yacht design from feline features to reptilian strength and agility.

The 78' HT has aggressive, predatory lines resembling a water creature completely dominating its environment and entirely at its element in murky waters full of unseen enemies. The shape of the hard top, the ridges at the top and the aft, similar to the dorsal spines on a dragon and the portholes all contribute to the effect.

The sheer strength and dynamism of water creatures that have ruled the waters since the Jurassic times give this exceptional yacht its soul, making the 78'HT unique among the tame and docile.


Length overall (incl. platform)23.98 m.
Length of Hull:21.69 m.
Beam:5.80 m.
Draft incl. props:1.38 m.
Displacement, lightship:41 t
Displacement, full load:33 t
Fuel capacity:5000 lt.
Fresh Water Capacity:900 lt.
Engine Options:
Option one:2300 rpm
Option two:2300 rpm (engine option)
Maximum speed:up to 38 knots
Cruising Speed:up to 28 knots
Range:up to 400 nautical miles
ID: 3876

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