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2011 Numarine - 68' Fly

68' Fly
Being on the sea is usually about compromises, as is almost everything else in the world; you want spacious cabins and public areas but you also want speed and performance. You want to relax and be pampered but you also want privacy. You want to skipper your own yacht but you also enjoy the convenience of a competent crew. The 68' Fly has been designed to provide best of both worlds for yacht lovers. It delivers the space and comforts associated with much larger yachts with the performance and sportiness of the 55' series. It can be comfortably handled and maneuvered by the owner or can be trusted to a skilled crew who retire into their own mess once the yacht is safely moored. Simply put, the 68' Fly is a yacht that delivers


Length overall (incl. platform)21.20 m.
Beam:5.40 m.
Draft incl. props:1.10 m.
Displacement, lightship:31 t.
Fuel capacity:4000 lt.
Fresh Water Capacity:1000 lt.
Option one:2300 rpm
Maximum speed:up to 34 knots
Cruising Speed:up to 28 knots
Range:up to 400 nautical miles


The 68' Fly is the product of Numarine's collaboration with the extremely successful yacht designer Tony Castro. The award-winning designer maintained the trademark Numarine grace and modernity while giving a new, more mature and angular look to the yacht. The flybridge is spacious and comfortable as are the sunbathing area at the bow and the dining area at the stern. The yacht is designed to offer comfortable cruising at high speeds. And speed it delivers; powered by twin CAT engines of 1015 hp each, the estimated maximum speed of the 68' Fly will reach 34 knots making it the fastest flybridge yacht in the Numarine range.


Inside, the 68' Fly feels much larger than its size. Extensive use of glass brings daylight and views in, keeping the guests connected with the environment at all times. The yacht sports 4 cabins including the large master cabin and 4 heads.
The natural light, the contemporary furniture and open spaces create a modern sanctuary far from the stuffiness of traditional yacht interiors. The designer achieved an optimum balance of form and function in 68' Fly: the full size gourmet galley and the abundant storage space are just small details that make a big difference on daily life on a yacht.
For the ultimate privacy of the owner and the guests, the crew gets a separate entrance to their cabins and comfortably arranged crew mess, a novelty for a yacht of this size.

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