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2021 LMG 6000 Generators


The LMG 4000/6000 are equipped with the Lombardini 15 LD, single-cylinder, four-stroke diesel engine, known for its compactness and lightness thanks to the crank case and cylinder head in aluminium and the air cooling system.


On models LMG 4000/6000 the alternator is a syncronous type without brushes with the windings on the stator. The wave shape allows the safe utilization of the most sophisticated electronic equipment and a good input to the battery charger.


A characteristic of the LMG 4000/6000 generator set is the air-water cooling system with radiator. The sea water cools the oil as well as the external walls of the alternator’s stator and the inlet air.


The generator set is supplied with a remote control box and 10 m of plug-in cable. An automatic shutdown operates in case of oil pressure and water temperature failure, warning lights indicate high water temperature, low oil pressure. A display indicates output voltage, output current, engine battery low voltage and runtime hours. On request an additional control box is also available.
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