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2016 HDPE Support Tender 6.50

The V-shaped, tough HDPE hull is suitable for very diverse users. From marine engineers who work with their materials and equipment close to shore, to sailing coaches who support their pupils on open water. The HDPE Support Tender 5.50 and 6.50 have great sailing behavior and they never breaks. The pushbow is good for the occasional pushing job and for easy boarding. These boats are very, very practical for every day use.


Propulsion type:Outboard
Speed:35 kn
Layout:Console with bench or leaning post

Proven concepts, Dutch build quality:

The aluminium boat concepts and designs by DutchWorkboats provide for modern and innovative workboats and give you practical, cost-effective and original solutions for all your workboat applications. We design for and deliver to workboat operators across a wide range of industries, delivering standard or custom designs for a large variety of applications.

Our designs cover a wide spread of operations, from rapid response vessels, interceptors, crewtenders, police and patrol vessels, survey and research craft up to multi-purpose workboats. In addition to our existing range and models, we have the design and engineering power to efficiently develop and build one-offs and specials to respond to any one of your requirements.

Aluminium workboats by DutchWorkboats – Made in Holland, proven designs, built to last, build to class (when needed), lead by your requirements.


Our collaboration with various naval architects has led to a growing base of quality designs. These architects and engineers form a firm base of extensive Dutch nautical design experience, which produces proven designs with bespoke, innovative design elements. Compliance with commercial classification standards can be ensured where required.


Our workboat concepts are being developed and built in two materials, one of them of course the well known seagrade aluminium, the other one being High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE). Our product ranges form a growing portfolio of proven designs, often with variable dimensions. Dutch aluminium boat production is renowned world wide for the highest quality available and we are proud to be part of that boat building heritage. In HDPE, DutchWorkboats has developed a production method that allows us to build tailor made plastic boats and pontoons without moulds, resulting in a great combination of the building freedom of aluminium and the benificial material properties of plastic. If your workboat needs to be tough, tailormade and it’s looks are of secondary importance to you – pic one of our HDPE models and design your favorite size and lay-out!

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